Upgrade your home security with our cutting-edge Smart WiFi Door Window Sensor Security Alarm. Designed to provide peace of mind and advanced protection, this innovative device offers seamless integration into your smart home ecosystem.


Wi-Fi Connectivity

With the Tuya Smart Door Sensor, you can enjoy seamless Wi-Fi connectivity that allows for real-time monitoring of your home's entrances. Whether you're at work or on vacation, you can rest assured that your property is secure. This innovative device sends instant notifications to your smartphone whenever a door or window is opened, providing you with peace of mind no matter where you are.



Easy Installation 

Say goodbye to complicated setups and hello to convenience with this smart sensor's easy installation process. You don't need any special tools or technical expertise. Simply attach the sensor to any door or window using the included adhesive strips, connect to your Wi-Fi network, and you're ready to go. It's that simple!



Smart Alarm System 

Enhance your home security with the Tuya Smart Door Sensor's built-in alarm system. If an intrusion is detected, the sensor will trigger an alarm, alerting you and potentially scaring off any intruders. You can customize the alarm settings directly from the app, ensuring your home is protected according to your preferences.

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  • Isabella 

    “I installed this in minutes, and now I feel so much safer. Love the instant alerts!”

  • Paul 

    “The timer function is a game-changer. I can set it to arm when I'm away. Perfect!”

  • Daniel 

    “Control from the app is fantastic. I always know my home is secure. Highly recommend!”


Does this sensor work with any door or window? 

Yes, it's designed to fit any standard door or window.

Can I control the sensor from anywhere? 

Absolutely, as long as you have an internet connection, you can control the sensor through the app.

Does it require a subscription service? 

No, there are no subscription fees; just purchase the sensor and use the app for free.